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How has LabVIEW made you better?

Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I got about the project and I have no idea how to get for it :/ If anyone of you could have me in some way, help would be very grateful.
Here is the topic of the project:
Design and construct a LabVIEW program to analyze the frequency signal using the FFT block, to provide visualization of the analog signal and the identification of harmonics, THD, harmonics identify 1,3,5,7. Hardware resources to analyze and propose the draft choice of the measuring card, enter the parameters.


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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

(This has nothing to do with the current thread, so you shoud start a new thread in the LabVIEW forum. It does not belong in the breakpoint forum)


EDIT: I see you already started a thread earler here. So what possessed you to re-post the same question here, where it is offtopic???


Well, if YOU got this project assigned, it means whoever assigned it to you thought that you can solve it. Why else?

If you are not qualified, maybe you should tell them.


You should also try to get the language right. LabVIEW does not have "blocks", this is not lego.


In the meantime, have a look at some of the examples that ship with LabVIEW. see if you can find anything useful. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

Yes Christian, but Lego may have LabVIEW!

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