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Allow changing numeric conversion type with selector tool

Browsing through menus to replace a numeric conversion node is tedious.  How about allowing the selector tool to select from a pull-down menu, just like it does from an unbundle by name node?


Existing unbundle node behavior is shown at left.  Desired numeric conversion node behavior is to the right.



Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

related idea ( your seems like a duplicate of it?)

Member EthanStern

Yes, thanks.  It appears this idea already has some momentum.  My post is redundant with regard to yours:

 (...and I like your post name better)

Active Participant PaulG.
Active Participant

Leave this idea here. Altenbach's idea has over 100 kudos but it's over 3 years old. Might have lost some momentum. This is  something I've wanted for a long time, BTW.

Member RobStone

... and make the conversion behavior consistent, BTW.


I mean it's illogical to keep the output typedef'd if the base type of an typedef's input is the same as the selected conversion function...

Active Participant Manzolli Active Participant
Active Participant

It's so obvious that I kudoed both altenbach's and this one.

Member Jim_Glanz

I would vote for this, excellent idea!

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Jim_Glanz, then what's stopping you from giving the idea a Kudos?  A comment saying "good idea" will not give NI any idea of how desirable the idea is.  That what the Kudos are for.  So if you like the idea, give it a Kudos.

Active Participant Silver_Shaper
Active Participant

Awesome idea. Hope going to be there in LV 2013

Member jfleming Member

Maybe in 2014.  This is a neat idea.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

> Maybe in 2014. 


Nope. If it were, it would be marked "In Development" or "In Beta" by now.