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Scripted Testing with Veristand

Hello all,

I am pretty new to Veristand and am currently working on setting up a test project for my company. For our current simulation interface set up we are able to use the Python interpreter built in to control parameters/signals with operations like: override signal, set signal value, get value, etc.

I am trying to figure out how to build up the same functionality using Veristand, is this possible with Veristand?

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VeriStand provides an Execution API and RT Sequences to achieve the functionality you are asking about. The Execution API can be accessed from any .NET-compatible programming language or environment


For faulting/evaluating channels, consider the latency and determinism you require. If you use the the Execution API to get/set channel values, those commands/values are transmitted over the VeriStand gateway in the Communication Send/Receive loops: If you require determinism, consider creating a Real-Time Sequence which will operate in the engine. 


VeriStand offers a Python API for creating real-time sequences as well as compatibility with the Execution API (referred to as the Legacy API in the documentation). For an example of a basic, automated test environment, refer to There are additional examples of Python Real-Time sequences in that documentation as well which demonstrates how to fault/evaluate channel values.

NI Product Owner
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