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Are You Up To The Challenge?


I've seen several community posts and have been copied on a couple of emails regarding coding challenges during user group meetings. Coding challenges are a great way for group members to learn from one another. Essentially, you issue a specific programming challenge to your group before an upcoming meeting and then have volunteers submit and walk-through their approach to the challenge and their LabVIEW code. The Rocket City LabVIEW group hosted on recently and the attendees enjoyed it so much, they're looking to have one every quarter. If you're interested in seeing their recent challenge, you can download it from their community page

The real challenge it seems, at least for most user group leaders, is coming up with good coding challenges. So, I'm issuing a challenge to each of you. We need you to share your ideas -- past, present, and future. Please share your coding challenges in the following documents.

Big thanks to Doug with Space Coast Area LabVIEW for letting me borrow a couple of his to get things started.

Also, please add your comments and experiences with coding challenges below. What works? What doesn't? How detailed does the challenge have to be? Is it better to issue starter code? Please share your thoughts.

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