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LabVIEW Error Handling Best Practices


Examine the challenges of implementing a full-featured error handling strategy in LabVIEW and the tools to meet some of the most common error handling needs. Discuss error classification and description; central versus specific error handling; and techniques for communicating, logging, and reporting errors.

Software Needs:

GXML library to be installed (found here). Download the, extract all, and then run the installer executable.

Structured Error Handler Reference Library (found here). Download the, double-click the file, install the vip through VI Package Manager for 2011 (make sure that the GXML is installed first)

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I think I found an issue in the presentation.  In slides 25 and 26, the original error is not being passed on since the error is being cleared before going to the merge error VI.

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In slides 24, 25, and 26, should the original error also have been wired in at the top of Merge Errors?  It seems like we'd want to prioritize upstream errors over shutdown errors.

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Absolutely! Sorry about that everyone but these were some older slides. Use the new updated presentation if you are going to be giving this as the slide order has changed as well as other additions that make giving the presentation easier. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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Use this .vip file instead of the EXE installer for GXML otherwise you will run into issues with VIPM not finding the required dependancies.

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Thanks Simon! I updated the link above to point to that vip.

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