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Introducing JKI Flat UI Controls

Introducing JKI Flat UI Controls

Flat UI Controls Toolkit


At JKI, we have found that a professional user interface design can make a huge difference for LabVIEW applications. That’s why we’re very proud to announce we have just released the JKI Flat UI Controls for LabVIEW, a beautiful, professionally-designed set of LabVIEW controls that we use on some of our own projects at JKI!  We hope that by sharing these with the community, we can help make it easy for just about anyone to build their own beautiful and intuitive user interfaces in LabVIEW.


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Tomi Maila
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Re : Introducing JKI Flat UI Controls

Thanks for your help. They look great.

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Re: Introducing JKI Flat UI Controls



I have tried to convert some of the buttons from this library into "6-states" buttons but i have failed. Is it possible to do it ?


It seems like it is not possible to make 6-states buttons which are colorable.

Yohann L.
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