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roboRIO firmware version unknown - can't update



I attempted to update the firmware on our roboRIO using its web-based control panel (at The process appeared to get underway, but then failed with the roboRIO flashing an unrecoverable error code. Since then, the roboRIO appears to be operational (i.e. showing its control panel via the web interface, appearing under NI-MAX, etc...), but each of these tools now shows its firmware version as "unknown". Any further attempts to upgrade the firmware fail. Furthermore, any attempt to "Format Target" fail with the roboRIO flashing the unrecoverable error code.


In reading through messages on this forum, I've seen a number of references to a recovery procedure whereby a NI support engineer works with us to create an emergency recovery USB flash drive. Is this where I need to go now?


Thank you,


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Sorry to hear that your having trouble.


One thing to try before trying to go the full "recovery" is to check if you computer name only has letters and numbers in it.


(Here's the Microsoft doc on checking/changing this:


Can you check this and post back on whether or not it works?

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Yes, I already checked this.

The computer name is FLIGHTSIM

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Which version of the firmware are you trying to update to?  We'd want to make sure you're updating to the most recent supported version.


The flashing light can be a bit confusing.  The steady flashing CAN mean "unrecoverable."  If that's the case, I'd expect if you reset the roboRIO it would start with that flashing.  If it flashes otherwise, or acts normal, it sounds like it's showing a different error.


NI-MAX now shows an unknown firmware version?

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I was trying to update to firmware 7.0.0. I found it in the Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\76F2\ folder on my hard drive (note: this is also firmware 6.0.0 there, too).


Regarding the roboRIO's status light... it used to start flashing continuously when I attempted to upload the firmware. I actually does not do that anymore, but rather fails with an error message: "There was a problem updating the firmware for this device". The status light no longer flashes at all; it just does its normal thing of staying on solid for several seconds (presumably doing its POST), and then extinguishes. So, I haven't bricked it - which is good to know.


I'm also able to interact with the roboRIO in MAX and via its web interface. When I do that, I see all the attributes of the roboRIO (serial number, resource metrics, enumerated devices, software packages, etc...), but Firmware Version shows as "unknown". What I cannot do is (a) update the firmware, and (b) reformat the roboRIO. I am assuming that's because the firmware is an "unknown" state? ...which is why I'm trying to solve that problem first. 

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Would anyone have the instructions for preparing a USB recovery drive for roboRIO?

I seen numerous mentions that a NI Support Engineer helped them prepare one and it's gotten them out of the same jam I appear to be in. Yet, it seems NI has closed a lot their doors for technical support. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Direct message me and I'll send you the files and instructions.

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