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Uninstalling Systemlink Server Config.

Hi all, 

We are evaluating systemlink at the company. I initially installed Systemlink Server on my P.C but now I need to get rid of it and make my System a Client so that I can send data upto a server ( which we've set up separately). I uninstalled Systemlink Server and downloaded Client from NIPM. But in TestStand I can't see the "Ni Systemlink Test Monitor Client", and I've also still got the "NIServer Configuration Appp", which I think maybe causing issues. 


this is my TestStand



This is the list of all Installed software when I search Systemlink. If the image is too small. I have added it as an attachment as well. 


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Can you post a screenshot of the window you get when you select the "NI SystemLink Client" row and then click on the gear that appears at the far right?



You should see something like a list of features included in that installer:




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Sorry for the late reply.


Here's the screenshot. 






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What version and bitness of TestStand are you using? Looks like you have an older client installed that may not support the version of TS you are running. 


I would recommend upgrading to the SL Client 2022 Q4.

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