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Trying to connect my Client to my SL Server

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Hi all, 

I have just started evaluation of Systemlink at the company and I can't connect my cRIO to my SL Server. 

My SL Server also does not have the Systems Management Page and my cRIO always shows disconnected. 

I initially thought that it was a license issue but my NI License Manager shows that I have a full license  as my company already has a Partner license. 

What am I missing here? I have been going through the NI Training and they don't talk about this.

This is my server page without the Systems Management Tab

Server DashboaServer Dashboa


cRIO disconnectedcRIO disconnected                   




License Manager showing that I have a Licensed versionLicense Manager showing that I have a Licensed version

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It looks like the Software Configuration Module was not installed on your SystemLink Server. On the server, try running a repair and be sure to select Software Configuration Module (as well as any other Modules you're licensed for) in the installer:




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