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Add Product Information using LabVIEW API

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I am trying to figure out how to add the Product in the Test Monitor.


I see this page, but I must have missed where they explain how to update the Product.


All the examples seem to have the Product and Part number the same.


I found this page:


The property seems to be have two options: 

Product nitmProduct Type of device under test Test Monitor cRIO-9030



Both options provide the same result.



Test Monitor Results:






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Doing some more reading on the forum, I guess I cannot use the Product field as I intended.


According to this, the Product field is filled in automatically by systemlink, based on the part number:





I was planning to use the Product as a "family" of part numbers.


For example, we might have a family of Widgets, which have part numbers 12345-001, 12345-002


And another family of Gadgets, which have part numbers 11111-001, 11111-002.

I was thinking that I could specify the Product to equal Widgets.

I think instead, I will need to create a custom property "Family", and use the value of either Widgets or Gadgets.


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While we don't have a native LabVIEW API for adding and updating Products, you can use the HTTP primitives in LabVIEW to call the /nitestmonitor/v2/products API to specify the name, family, and custom properties for a part number.


You can find more information about the additional SystemLink HTTP APIs by clicking on the ? on the top right hand of any SystemLink web page and selecting HTTP API. It will default to showing you the main API for that page, but you can use the drop-down to select other APIs.


Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 8.23.38 AM.png

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Accepted by topic author Kenny_K

Here is a link to a LabVIEW example that uses the LV HTTP primitives to make calls to the SystemLink HTTPs for querying assets. You should be able to do something similar for the Test Monitor Products API.

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Got it. 


I was able to update the products via this method, thank you.


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