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Problem installing 3rd party switches in switch executive 3

I have not been able to install Pickering Switches in Switch Executive 3.

I was able to do so in ver 2.


I have tried several variations of hardware and software installation and have tried several different naming options.


The error I keep getting after creating an ivi device and logical name is "An error occurred while attempting to access device matrix1 Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA1190) The session handle is not valid."


I have cleared the Max data base twice.


Any ideas?

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This issue can be resolved by selecting the proper naming convention for the IVI compliant switch. After creating the IVI Driver Session and an IVI Logical Name for the switch (try using the naming scheme of NI switches; and in the Resource Descriptor of the Hardware Tab, instead of typing in a name, select the 3rd party switch from the drop down menu). This In addition to following the proper steps for installing the 3rd party switch e.g. correct drivers/including information from the other vendor on how to configure the IVI Driver Session; should allow the switch to be detected in NI Switch Executive when creating a new Switch Executive Virtual Device. I have included a link below with more information on how use 3rd party IVI compliant switches with NI Switch Executive and also, NI Switch Executive Help i.e. NI Switch Executive Help»Using Third Party Switches.


1. Use 3rd party IVI compliant Switches with Switch Executive:



Best regards,


Ali M

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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