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NI-switch install problems


Dear community,


I'm currently having probelms to install the instrument driver for PXI-2569.


Trying both version (from DVD 3.8 and latest downloaded NI-SWITCH 4.0.1 - Real-Time OS, Windows 2000/XP/Vista x64/Vista)

the installation hangs quite at the beginning (see attached picture). 


Notebook with Windows XP, local admin rights, installed LabView 2009 app 2 month ago for first offline usage.


 Can anyone give any hints for further debug ?


Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Andreas,


can you try to copy the content of the DVD to your hard disc and then retry the installation process? In some cases this fixxes the problem. Disabling  your firewall and the antivirus-software might also affect the behaviour.


If this doesn't work I would kindly ask you to create a Log-File for your installation process (see links below for the exact procedure) and directly contact your local NI support.


Creating an Error Log File for a Software Installation:



Where can I find the National Instruments Installation Log Files?






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Hi Bernd,


you hint with disabling the firewall and the antivirus-software plus disconnecting the network cable and installing as local admin

did the job.


Sometimes engineer think too complex.


Thanks for your feedback and best regards,


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