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myDAQ in the Box Robot


                The myDAQ in the Box Robot is intended to allow a remote operator to control a mobile robotic base from anywhere within the same LAN as the robot and within WiFi range. Cost was the chief concern when designing this robot, and the bill of materials weighs in at just under $20 sans the obligatory NI myDAQ device.


  • 1x NI myDAQ                                                    
  • 1x L293 H-Bridge                                                              
  • 1x uF Capacitor                                                               
  • 2x 4AA Battery Pack                                                       
  • Wire                                                                                     
  • Box                                                                                      
  • 1/2x Soda Can                                                                 
  • 2x LEGO Technic Wheels                                     
  • 1x Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox    

  Cost: ~$20

Set up Hardware:

  1. Assemble motor and gearbox as per provided instructions.
  2. Mount wheels using superglue to the gearbox shafts.
  3. Cut openings in box so that wheels can spin freely.
  4. Bifurcate a soda can (flavor of your choosing) and mount to the bottom of box. This will act as a skid to aid mobility.
  5. Mount gearbox to the same side of the box as the soda can such that the wheels sit unobstructed in the openings cut in step 3.
  6. Solder the H-Bridge circuitry as outlined in the included diagram.
  7. Attach wires to myDAQ DIO lines 0-3.
  8. Spy!

hardware schematic.png

Figure 1: H-Bridge Wiring

Software Instructions:

  1. Open
  2. Select Tools>Web Publishing Tool
  3. Select checkbox to enable Remote Control
  4. Accept all defaults
  5. Plug in myDAQ to local machine
  6. Share URL with friends, family, and co-workers.
  7. Hit the run arrow from the remote window to take control of the myDAQ in the Box Robot!
  8. W = Forward, S = Backward, A = Left, D = Right

* If your installed LabVIEW contains NI Vision, ensure you can see camera output. If not, adjust your browser’s security settings.

Figure 2: VI Front Panel

Figure 3: VI Block Diagram

Check out what we did with our robot!

Andy Milluzzi

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
University of Florida
Computer and Software Engineering
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