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UC Berkeley Foozinator - The Autonomous Foosball Machine

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Contact Information


University and Department: University of California, Berkeley || Mechanical Engineering


Team Members:

     Siva Bharadvaj

     Kim Chang

     Clarissa Harrison

     Alex Lee


Faculty Advisors: George Anwar


Primary Email Address:


Primary Telephone Number (include area and country code): [Removed]


Project Information

Project Title:

List all parts (hardware, software, etc.) you used to design and complete your project:


          Sportscraft Foosball Table

          Pittman 24VDC Geared Motor

          Magnetic Linear Stage

          1.3MP Webcam

          Custom fabricated motor and handle mount

          Copley Controls Servo Drive

          Host Computer

          NI Single Board RIO

          NI LabView FPGA Module with ETS Target



          NI LabView 2009


Describe the challenge your project is trying to solve.


     For those who struggle to beat their friends at the game of Foosball, there is the Foozinator.

     For those who can’t wait for the World Cup, the Foozinator provides temporary relief

     And in a world where fun is a constant need, we present to you, the Foozinator.


Describe how you addressed the challenge through your project.

     The Foozinator was never intended to tackle climate change or solve world hunger. Instead, it is a project that seeks to demonstrate how fun engineering can be. As mediocre foosball players,  our goal is to design a robot to beat even the most skilled human opponent. As a work in progress, we will continue to bless the Foozinator with superhuman abilities.







Please upload photos below:

100506_Foozinator_001.jpg 100506_Foozinator_007.jpg100506_ME135_Foozinator_6.jpgGUI.jpg