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Smart Shopping Trolley for Student Design Competition 2013

Contact Information

University: VIT University, Vellore Campus, Vellore           

Team Members (with year of graduation):  (1) Rajat Mishra, (2) Akshat Wahi, (3) Ayush Sharma                                 

Faculty Advisers: Prof R. Sarvanan Kumar, SELECT.

Email Address:

Submission Language : English

Project Information

Title: Smart Shopping Trolley



Today’s consumer is more bending towards automation of surrounding, especially when it comes to areas that are directly connected to them. For example: Navibots by Samsung for vacuum cleaning (Video URL: The demand of such products in market made us think of a “Smart Shopping Trolley”, a trolley which can follow, give information regarding offers etc. and also work as a vacuum cleaner. Such a device as suggested can be of great use in big shopping malls and also making shopping a bit easier and interesting for the consumer. Also looking from the owner’s point of view the same trolley is keeping the floor clean.


Hardware Required

1. NI PXI 8100 with single slot chassis - 1

2. USB Camera for Image Acquisition - 2

3. Controlled Vaccum Cleaning Unit - 1

4. Aluminium Trolley Frame - 1



2. NI Vision Development and Assistant Module

The Challenge


1. Effective objects following and QR detection with obstacle avoidance.

2. Controlling the Vacuum Cleaner unit through NI LabVIEW.


1. Object should be always in field view of camera.

2. Having an on-board power source and it’s recharging.

The Solution

Steps of Operation:

1. Recognising the consumer through a QR coded pattern.

6. Vacuum Motor switched on for cleaning.

2. Object following with obstacle avoidance.

3. QR code scanning of consumer provided product.

4. Billing Location STOP!

5. Line Following Mode On and returning to docking station.


Video Link: