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Mojo-Jojo (Maze Solver) for Student Design Competition 2013

Contact Information

University: Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India

Team Members (with year of graduation): (1) Sharath kumar R, (2) Abhishek A, (3) Kaushik R, (4) Vasanth S Y

Faculty Advisers:

Email Address:

Submission Language: English

Project Information

Title: Mojo-Jojo (Maze Solver)



Mazes are one of the oldest puzzles known to man. Mazes have been built with walls and rooms, with hedges, turf, corn stalks, hay bales, books, paving stones of contrasting colors or designs, bricks and turf. Finding a route through the maze from the start to finish is Maze solving. Most maze solving methods are designed to be used inside the maze by a traveller with no prior knowledge of the maze.

With the inventions of computers and robotics, man has always tried to automatize different tasks and processes, starting from computing and calculating. The programming robots to solve puzzles and play games became prominent with idea of artificial intelligence.

This has inspired us to create a bot that solves mazes fast and efficiently.

The Challenge

Going through several maze solving robots and their implementation techniques, we came to know that the project requires a minimum time of 8-10 months to begin from scratch. Here, we are trying to complete it by 2 months.

Since we are using microcontroller to control the robot, we are compromising on the speed at which the robot moves.

The Solution

Areas of Implementation:

 Cave expedition

 Archeological expeditions

 Spy robots to track enemy area and to source a shortest path [Defense application]

 This can be implemented on an unmanned ground vehicle to traverse a shortest path in a predefined path.

 Robotic competitions have inspired engineers for many years. The competition with the richest history is called Micromouse, which existed for almost 30 years in the United States and later in U.K. and Japan.


 As we are newbies, this project involves building of robot with maze solving ability for fixed arena (Predefined mazes).

 The initial design of the robot involves programming of 8051 microcontroller with a maze solving programme which is simulated using LabVIEW and Keil.

 The maze solving programme is implemented on a line follower robot (8051MC) initially for testing.

 Further we are planning to implement the project using Arduino hardware with more efficient equipment such as micro gear motors and efficient sensors.

Regular monitoring of power fed to the controller or processor of the robot, using quality sensors and driving the motors and other devices with proper power source can extend the bots life for a long period.


Video Link: