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Localization, navigation and smoothing for solution paths to a labyrinth, Mexico

Contact Information

University: ITESM CCM

Team Member(s): Andrés Páez, Roberto Cárdenas

Faculty Advisors: Pedro Ponce

Email Address:,

Country: Mexico

Project Information

Title: Localization, navigation and smoothing for solution paths to a labyrinth, Mexico

Using LabVIEW we have coded and simulated an algorithm using histogram filters and A* algorithms to locate and navigate smoothly through a maze. This was done with the objective of porting later on to a robot or even a car.


LabVIEW 2011 SP1

The Challenge:

Given a noisy enviroment and faulty sensors, the challenge is to locate and navigate a robot through a maze using the map of the maze and the wall sensor's input as fast as possible without touching the walls.

The Solution:

The project consists of three steps: the first is to locate the robot within the map, then to trace a route, optimize it and traverse it. This is done using histogram filters and A* and smoothing algorithms.

Using LabVIEW reduced greatly the developping time when coding the GUI. Given the fact that we needed to paint over a full bit map LabVIEW granted us the tools to do so. Another great thing is that because it was a big code, we had to do it modular so that we could work parallel. LabVIEWw is a great tool to program project modularly and to understand what the other one is programming.



Nominate Your Professor: (optional)

We would like to nominate our teacher Pedro Ponce because of his outstanding teaching methods. Not only did we learn LabVIEW, but we also got to develop around 4 big projects using LabVIEW during the semester. Because of this self-teaching didactic activities we learnt how to use LabVIEW together with PID controllers, Fuzzy-Logic controllers, neural networks, NXT projects, FPGA and real-time projects, NI DAQ projects and Compact RIO too. This is the reason because we want to nominate our teacher.