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LED-cube-Kinect Project, Norway

Contact Information

University: Norweginan Unicersity of Science and Technology

Team Member(s): Audun Sanderud, Gracelin Opina, Victor Wong, Neil Dave

Faculty Advisors: George Anwar (UCB)

Email Address:

Country: Norway

Project Information

LED-cube kinect Project, Norway

The project is a 12x12x12 LED-cube that use a Microsoft Kinect Sensor to create 3D real-time images in the LED-cube.


sbRIO 9632, LabVIEW 2010 sp1, LabVIEW FPGA module, LabVIEW Real-time Module, LabVIEW Vision Development Module.

The Challenge:

The work with this project resulted in a 12x12x12 LED cube that could be controlled with live 3D images from a kinect. The cube is controlled using a sbRIO 9632. The cube and necessary circuitry was made for this project.

The Solution:

The LED cube is a Matrix of interconnected LED's, the total LED count in this project is thus 1728. All LED's are cunnected in such a way that thy can be lit and controlled individually. This is done by using 12 pairs of latches connected to a 12 pos buss. The buss represents the x-values and the each pair of latches represents the y-values in the cube. To picture a 3D image in the cube it is sliced into 12 2D images which ae then displayed and flashed through the cube's xy-planes at 60Hz.

The data received from the kinect is a point cloud with depth information in each pixel. The depth information can be interpreted as a gray scale image and resized to mach the cube's resolution (12x12). The depth inforamtion is also scaled to a 12 point scale. The result is a 12x12x12 boolian point cloud, which in turn is displayed in the cube.

Program to make and run animations and play the classic game of snake in 3D was also made, as it can be seen in the attached video.

One of the major benefits form using LabVIEW and NI hardware is the streamined way it all communicates and work together. All code running on the PC, the controller and the FPGA is programmed using the same language, which makes it very easy to move parts of the code back and forth between the executable levels.


Figure 1: The LED-cube


so awesome, we are trying to do something like that, we have a led cube 16x16x18, and we have done some cool stufs like