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Endurable Remote Vision Platform(ERVP)

Endurable Remote Vision Platform(ERVP)

Contact information

University: Mälardalen University

Team members: Anders Olsson, Daniel Adolfsson, Philip Johansson

Faculty Advisor: Martin Ekström

Submission Language: English


The goal of this project has been to create a remote and mobile platform for vision

acquisition where processing and planning of action can not only be done onboard but also on a

remote computer delivering possibilities of multiple implementations. This is achieved by the

streaming of both depth information and dual RGB channels. The steering is controlled by two

stepper motors which

NI products used

MyRio x2

The Challenge

  • Building the electronics
    • Designing the motor driver
    • Making a compact and smart design containing all from power supply to motor controller.
  • Communicating with the MyRIO
    • Installing needed drivers on MyRIO and setting it up for network communication
    • Receive the datastreams (Dual RGB video and depth)
    • Network variables
    • Drive and steering

The Solution

From the front panel the motors can be

controlled and the two VI’s running on the

MyRio’s also stream the image descriptors to

the front panel VI running on the computer. A

capture of this front panel is presented below.

From this system there is now easy to further

dive into the “world of machine vision”.


Front panel.jpg


Microsoft Kinect depth sensor

USB webcam(UVC)

Stepper motors

Software and modules:

Labview 2013

Labview RealTime


Labview Robotics module

Labview MyRIO module and toolkit

Labview VISA module

Vision Acquisition

Machine Vision

Circuit Design Suite 2013

Links and References

Using Microsoft Kinect with myRIO (update)


Saludos, tengo un kit de evaluación Ni Myrio y quiero hacer una aplicación con visión artificial pero no se por donde empezar algún consejo....Gracias