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Setting SCC-FT01 for external triggering

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I currently hit the wall with this little device,  SCC-FT01, which I was told can perform my task. What I need it to do is to send TTL(0-5V)square wave signal to an imaging system via BNC cable in order to start recording.


My setup includes sc-2345 carrier and PXI-6221 DAQ board, I think it is M-type.


I followed manual&quick start guide of FT01 and set the wiring according to it, the unit by itself sits in J10 slot. But when I connect a voltmetter to it I am reading 0V. My guess is that I need somehow "set up" 1 of 7 bits for output mode in order to allow FT to generate signal. Unfortunatelly I can't find details on how to actually do that. The "knowledge base" article on this subject is not very helpfull.


If somebody who had a hands-on experience with this device for similar task can  help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance

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Apparently it was really easy to code it, I was dumb Smiley Very Happy Problem solved!
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