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Replacing an SCXI-1102C

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I have an SCXI-1102C that is suspect (getting low level square wave 'noise' at precise 1 second intervals on several channels) and I wish to replace it in the course of troubleshooting. It is mounted in a PXI-1052 chassis. I am relatively new to this stuff. Is is possible to simply power down the chassis and replace the card, or do I need to remove the card from MAX, power down, replace the card, power back up, and re-install the device and all instruments in MAX? Either way, I'll need to recalibrate all affected instruments (we do end-2-end calibrations), but the former method would be a lot easier. Thanks for any assistance.
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Yes, powering down the chassis and replacing the card will work fine.  You shouldn't have to change any of the configuration for the other devices in MAX. 



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