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Using 5 compact RIO in a single project

Hello Everyone


I am using 5 same type of compact RIO in a single project. While programming i have only one compact RIO that is physically present, rest all 4 compact RIO i have created virtually. Now i am able to connect my first compact RIO with my internet and Labview and its working fine and it has its own unique IP address.


Now I am trying to connect all the virtually created compact RIO with this IP address but it show, the IP address is already in use.


Can anyone please help me how i connect the virtually created cRIO with the existing IP address of my internet.


Sincerely Yours

A.PScreenshot (55).png

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Hi pandeyashwani, 

Exactly you can't connect use one IP address for multi devises. In this case ether you should us another IP address or put it as a and try to call it from LabVIEW. 


Also, you can choose something from here as an IP address.


Here is the one articlewhere you can find answers as well. 



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