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cRIO stops streaming after about 1 MByte

My setup is a cRIO-3035 connected to a Windows 10 PC via gigabit ethernet.
I have a test VI that sends 4000x25 arrays of U32s to the PC via network stream. It works fine for about the first gigabyte, and Write Interval can be as low as 4 msec without elements backing up in the stream buffer (displayed as Room). That works out to 800 MBaud, which is great. After about 1800 writes, the streaming stops, and Room starts dropping to zero, which is not great.  I can only get the streaming to work again by destroying the stream and setting a new one up.
Before the 1800 writes, stopping both Writing and Room exits the VI cleanly. After that point, even before the buffer is full, the code gets stuck on flushing the stream buffer, and cannot exit.
Using Wireshark, I see that data arriving at the ethernet port stops when the streaming stops (as opposed to when the buffer fills up), so it appears that the RT stops writing.
This code is designed to communicate with "Receive Integer". The latter can reconnect, so this code can stop and start several times, and send 1800 arrays every time.

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