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Questions regarding NI cRIO-9082 setup

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Hi everyone,


My lab has a NI cRIO-9082 controller that has not been used for several years, and my supervisor is asking me to get it back working again. Since nobody in my lab has experience with it, I want to ask a few questions regarding setting up this controller:

1. What are the latest versions of device drivers and LabVIEW that I can install on this device? Can 2017 version be installed on NI cRIO-9082?

2. The Getting Started Guide says that ferrites are needed to be installed on power supply lines, I am wondering whether this is a must since I don't see any ferrite in my lab? If it is necessary, can I purchase ferrites from anywhere?

3. Do I need to install OS if I only want to use FPGA part of the controller?

4. Do you recommend me to reset BIOS?

5. Can I still use the controller if the CMOS battery is dead?

6. If I want to use DAQ modules (NI9401 and NI9223), is there any chassis routing rule? I.e., can I insert these modules in any slot of the chassis, or they have to be inserted in some particular slots of the NI cRIO-9082 chassis?


Sorry for the long post, and I would really appreciate if you can help with these questions.



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Much of this is available by searching on - but to give a you a start:


This link gives you a drop down menu that you can select the 9082 and it will tell you what software is compatible:


This link shows the compatibility between version of LabVIEW and the version of NI-RIO (the drivers on the hardware) - but your cRIO should have a version of NI-RIO installed already:


This link gives a overview of compatibility and things that you need installed - on PC and cRIO:


Install NI-MAX on your PC and that should be the first thing to connect and see and work on your cRIO.


Hope this helps,


Consultant Control Engineer
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Hi Andy,


I really appreciate and am thankful for your help. The links that you have provided are very helpful. I just have one follow-up question: I could not find much information regarding the ferrite on power supply described in the Getting Started manual ( I am wondering whether I can power the module without the ferrites?


Thanks again.

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Ferite rings are to prevent electromagnetic interference from the power cable getting into to other devices. It shouldn't make any difference to the cRIO, but they may help if you are using a IO module that is sensitive to electromagnetic interference - which depends on module circuitry and how devices are wired and if you are running a Vsup (extra power supply line) to the module.


More importantly make sure your earthing / ground are connected according to the manual - both power supply, cRIO and any sensors - both for safety and avoiding ground loops that could give unwanted interference on your sensor signals.

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Hi Andy,


I am really grateful for your help!



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