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Quick Drop Code Timing Shortcut

Made tooday mostly to check how QD works from inside.

This shortcut allows to check execution time of selected code. It will create new vi and insert selected code there to calculate time in flat seq structure:

for example from this:


to this:


I have played with it for 2 hours and seems to work stable for common cases.

Setup instructions:

- Place the "QD Timing Plugin" folder and "QuickDrop Timing Plugin.vi"

\LabVIEW 2013\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins folder

- Setup Quick Drop to use the QuickDrop Timing Plugin with a shortcut key

To do:

- Proper error handling and some cleanup

- Code is not executable when we select code with broken wires, some method to create controlls and indicators would be nice.

There are some methods like Create Control, Create indicator for wire class but currently not implemented by NI.

- Is there a way to pass value to QD template? I want to pass number of iterations when pressing ctrl+shift key. But I can't read proper value from Combo box reference. Now when we press ctrl+shift it will execute 1000 times

If you have some suggestions/improvements please comment

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Nice idea. As an improvement I suggest the following:

Whenever I want to make a measurement of execution time I tend to use something like this (unfortunately I can't attach code here):



makes for much less puffed up block diagrams. Make it "inline" on the execution tab of the VI properties. Of course the time stamp/millisecond timer functions can be exchanged by the more accurate one you used. And you need to have the measured functions have error wiring. So with the example you posted your approach is better and faster.

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Thanks for sharing this diamond!

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> Is there a way to pass value to QD template?

Yes, you can read the Text.Text property of the "QD Combo Box" reference input to your plugin.

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