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Prototype Mouse Wheel Move

Over here there was a quick discussion about creating a quick drop that would allow moving selected objects using the mouse wheel.  This is my first attempt to get something working. 

Here is my second attempt at a scroll wheel movement

"Mouse Wheel v2_MB.zip"

Setup Instructions

  • Place the "ScrollWheel Move_MB.vi" and the Mouse Wheel SubVIs folder in the

\LabVIEW 2013\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins folder

  • Setup Quick Drop to use the ScrollWheel Move_MB with a shortcut key

Use Instructions

  • select the items that you wish to move on the FP or BD
  • Active the QD ScrollWheel Move shortcut. [Ctrl-Space Ctrl-<<your shortcut key>>]
  • a vertical scrollbar cursor will appear. Inside the cursor is a 1 indicating the selected items will move up or down 1 pixel when the scroll wheel is moved
  • If the Ctrl Key is press the cursor will change to a horizontal scrollbar indicating the items will be moved left or right
  • If the Shift Key is press the cursor number inside the scroll bar cursor will change to 8 indicating an 8 pixel move.
  • Here is a list of the key combinations
    • Scroll only - Up/Down 1 pixel
    • Hold Shift - Up/Down 8 pixels
    • Hold Alt - Up/Down 20 pixels
    • Hold Shift-Alt - Up/Down 40 pixels
    • Hold Ctrl - Left/Right 1 pixel
    • Hold Ctrl-Shift - Left/Right 8 pixels
    • Hold Ctrl-Alt - Left/Right 20 pixels
    • Hold Ctrl-Shift-Alt - Left/Right 40 pixels
  • Clicking any button will stop and exit the vi

There is also a video demonstration how the QD function works

Please post any comments on the discussion.


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This looks really cool, Mark! I'm going to remind myself to use it on my next project and see how much faster I can get objects positioned with the scroll wheel vs. the arrow keys.

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I've mentioned this before but I think adding acceleration might help speed. Mark mentioned localization issues and i didn't fully understand the issues but when i get a chance I would like to try my hand at adding that feature.

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Very good, Mark. 

Minor comment - the VI documentation is for the Move Label plugin.

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I tried to add acceleration but took a different route after using the tool for a while. I found that if I was going to move the objects 40 pixels or more that I would use the mouse drag or an alignment tools. There is a cased out vi called "Move UI_GObjects With ScrollWheel_Cursors.vi" (poorly named) that uses only the device vis and no events. Inside this vi is the "Scroll_Calculate Move.vi". This vi is where I tried to interpret acceleration.


I will update the documentation for version 3

Thanks for the feedback


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