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Find Static Events


This QD shortcut will popup a list of static event cases linked to a control.

You can select one or more: controls, indicators, terminals, locals or static control references.

You can double click the list, and the event will be highlighted. The item in the list will be "tagged", so you can keep record. The dialog is floating, and you can repeat the action while it is open. It will traverse clusters. It will not traverse subpanels, this is by design (it makes less sense).

For Example:

Select this:

Selection FP.jpg

or this:

Selection BD.jpg

Press CTRL+space, CTRL+S and you get:

Static Event List.jpg

Regards, Wiebe Walstra.

2014-06-02: First release. V1.0.0-1

2014-06-02: 2nd release. V1.1.0-1

Added support for static pane references, static VI references, and static application references.

Added support for event structures. You can now select an event, and find a list of all events matching the static references of the visible frame.


1) This cannot be posted as a LV12 or LV11 version, since essential properties are not available.

2) The only PW protected VI is password protected because it uses a private scripting node. We (those who know) are not supposed to share (which those who don't know) because it could result in tears.

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