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Add structure support to Insert QD shortcut



Apologies in advance if this is already a post.  I wasn't able to find a duplicate of this exact request.


Has anyone made (or has NI considered) a QD shortcut to add structures to wires (bare or otherwise)?  For example, I would love to be able to highlight the two wires shown below, hit Ctrl+Space, type "while", hit Ctrl+Shift+I like I would for any VI, and then a while structure appears wired in with shift registers all set (shown below).Insert structure.png

At present, the fastest way I know to do this is to QD a subVI (maybe DAQmx Read in this case) onto those wires with Ctrl+Shift->Ctrl+Shift+i and then do a Ctrl+Space, search "while" and hit enter, draw the while loop around the function, and then remove/rewire the function with Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+R, but this is tedious.  It would be great if I could do this with while, for, IPE, event, flat sequence, and all other structures.  It would be nice for the Ctrl+i and Ctrl+Shift+i distinction to be maintained (i.e., without the Shift, a separate structure would appear on each highlighted wire).




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I would also find this useful. I encourage anyone reading this (who feels so inclined) to take a stab at writing such a shortcut.

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