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What is the easiest way to connect a PXI Chassis to a laptop computer to make a portable experiment?

The only way currently available to connect to a PXI chassis from a PC (of any kind) is through MXI-3. To do this you need a MXI-3 kit (PCI-MXI-3, PXI-MXI-3, and cable-- either copper or fiber optic). You must connect the PXI chassis to a PCI slot. Since laptops, in general, do not have PCI slots, you must use some kind of adapter. We have seen good results with Magma's PCI expansion systems. You can read more about them at http://www.magma.com

One thing to note, however, is that because of the extra PCI bridge involved, your throughput across MXI-3 will be decreased. So if you are looking to do applications that approach the MXI-3 bandwidth limit, this may not be a viable solution for you. I hope this has helped.

If you would like to read more about MXI-3,
please refer to our website at http://www.ni.com/mxi3/
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You may also want to consider using the PXI-1025 (MegaPac). This has integrated keyboard, mouse, floppy and LCD display. It is basically a Dolch computer with PXI slots
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