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Discontinuously freezing with PCI 1408

If have a program under Windows NT running day and night for aquisition of data and showing video pictures every second with Imaq PCI 1408. The programming of the video picture is more a less the same like the labview example (no big improvement necessary).
After some times the system freeze. With the driver 2.5 after more or less 3 days. With the older driver 2.2.1 it runs for at least 1-2 weeks. But its freezes to. All while loops has a wait pause (no freezing because of this). When I start the programm after with a new version, it freezes for the first time in 2 - 3 hours. It must be something with the video, without video no freezing appears.
Did anyone have an idea what help me to find the reason for this freezi
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Error / hangs that occur over an extended amount of time are some of the more difficult to troubleshoot.

The most common reason is the system is running out of memory. When using NI-IMAQ and IMAQ Vision, the most likely reason for the memory usage is the IMAQ Create being inside the While Loop (where is is called each time the loop executes). If you are performing a Grab, the IMAQ Create needs to be on the outside of the While Loop (allocating the memory 1 time, and then reusing it).

I feel fairly confident this is the problem. One way to test this is to run the IMAQ Grab example (High-Level Grab in IMAQ Vision Display) that ships with NI-IMAQ. This will test just the NI-IMAQ functionality.
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Thank you very much for your answer. It helps me only in so far, that I know now, I have done everything correct.
This way I've got the freezing only after 1-2 weeks.
At the moment we run several alternatives. I test this system with two while loops and restart the grab performing every 10 Minutes and allocate the memory again. The second test is two use the snap function, because I only need a picture per second. Could be that one of this programs run stable over a long time. Alas it is necessary to run complete stable at this company.
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