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PXIe 2525 INOP

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I am having troubles getting my PXIe-2525 card up and running. I am hoping I am doing something foolish. Below is a detail of my setup and my troubleshooting so far. I hope someone has a nugget of information that get me on the right track.



Windows 10 64 bit PC

PXIe-1078 Chassis

PXIe-8360 MXI card (for communications)


NI-DAQmx 18.0

I always boot the PXI chassis up before my computer.



In the same chassis I was able to get my PXI-2530B and PXI-6513 cards up and running.

I am able to see the 2525 card in my device manager but it says windows has not associated a driver with it. Any attempts to manually link the driver have been unsuccessful.

I have tried to re-install NI-SWITCH by first uninstalling and then re-installing. I have tried to repair NI-SWITCH from within the add/remove programs.

I have tried to switch the card position in the chassis.


I am at a loss for next steps. Please chime in if you have some ideas...

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Here are some snapshots of some points of interest...

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Can you please try this-> https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P8awSAC


If this doesn't work for me look like the card is faulty and would be better supported from NI.

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Accepted by topic author Dr_Edward_D4H

Just to follow up...I was able to get the PXIe-2525 to work. Previously I had been uninstalling and reinstalling NI Switch discretely. The uninstall and reinstall of NI Switch using the NI Package Manager did the trick.

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