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PXIe 1085 with PCIe-8381 MXI not displaying in MAX



I have a PXIe-1085 chassis connected to a Dell Precision T3600 via a PXIe-8381 MXI link and i am only able to see the PXIe-8381 in MAX.


I have tried a number of things based on other posts in this forum, but nothing has worked so far.


This is what i have tried;


  • Installed Feb 2016 device drivers
  • Run the relevant NI update services
  • Updated PC BIOS to latest version
  • Removed all modules from the chassis

So i currently have an empty chassis, except the PXIe-8381 card, connected to my PC, but i can't see it in MAX!


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.





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Hi Chris, 



Have a look at this KB: 



Be sure to install the BIOS compatibility software. 



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Thanks Igodsch, i am looking into this now.


I am running Windows 10 and the read me for the MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software states it is only compatible up to Windows 8. I wasn't able to install the software previously, but i will give it another go.


Thanks again.



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I wasn't able to install the MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software, i had the attached messages when running through the install.


Any other ideas?





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I am having same problem as what you have seen. 

NI-MAX does not show all PXIe device on Win10 machine with PXIe(PCIe) 1085 MXI after I have switched PCI(e) board DIP Switch mode 1 to "ON" because the PC was not booted at all. But the possible solution could be to install BIOS Compatibility Software, but it does not support Win10.

Any idea or solutions?

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Hi Hanho,


Unfortunately i didn't resolve the issue on the PC i was using, which i think was due to the bus depth being insufficient for the 18 slot chassis. I got around it by connecting the chassis to an alternative PC.


The last communication i had from NI tech support suggested checking out the following options;

1. This link will explain the concept of bus resources and should allow you to check the Bus Requirements and compare this to the available resources your PC has.
    Understanding MXI-Express Enumeration and Compatibility: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/52061/en/

2. This link provides some extra information about the Root Bus Detection Utility: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/BF84B75E08D2A7708625763B00670007?OpenDocument

Sorry i couldn't offer a complete solution, hope this helps.





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This is for most PXI/PXIe chasses that I have used.  The power to the chassis must be up and stable at least 2 seconds before the PC starts to load drivers; otherwise, some drivers will not load.  I believe there is a power setting that can be set for this purpose.  Don't recall exactly as it has been a while.

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In addition to the two excellent articles that Hanho linked, I would also recommend this very thorough MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide.


Unfortunately, some manufacturers do limit the bus depth for optimization reasons, as not many devices utilize the amount of addresses that an 18 slot PXIe chassis will use. The Root Bus Detection Utility is a great tool to find out the number of addresses available.


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The latest BIOS compatibility software works with Windows 10, so go ahead and install it to see if it fixes your original problem.


- Robert

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Hi Robert,


Do you have a download link for the latest BIOS compatibility software? The latest version i could find (1.5) here says it is only compatible up to Windows 8.





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