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how to exchange the value of two variables in teststand

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we have testcase,which use phase B and phase C,but now,we need to change the bench condition into phase A and phase C,which means we need to exchange the value of VArms with VBrms(VArms=220,VBrms=0),as well as IArms with IBrms(IArms=5,IBrms=0),which is noted in the picture,

is there any way to do the exchange work more e and completed?00001.png

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There are many possibilities to overcome this situation, but all of them will require some workarounds to adjust:

  • Manually change the values
  • Create Variables and work with them in a statement step:

Using a variable from Parameters you can dynamically change the values as you call the .SEQ files, although, it can be hard to understand which bench setup you are changing given that might exist more than one bench configuration in a .SEQ file, hence, you will need to create several variables(Containers) and change them when calling the .SEQ






  • Create a Template with the correct bench setup and call it as required:



As you may have noticed, there is no “easy” or “quick” way to overcome this issue since each step must be verified during creation and the values change as the test is executed.


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at the beginning,i want to change the dll file,add one more station variable to indicate the connection type,and the bench will be adjusted according to it,for example,if we use 1P2W,then the bench will turn all the value related to phase B and phase C into 0 automatically,it may solve the bench problem,but the expected value related to each phase is another problem,and the test case design also need to change 

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