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X-Y graphs not working with ATML 5 reports

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I'm trying to display some results as a graph in my report (ATML5, TR5_Horizontal.xsl), but the "DataLayout" attribute doesn't seem to work - I've set this to "SingleX-MultipleY", but the graph is displaying the X data and Y data as two separate traces, with the graph X values set to the array index (which is the expected default behaviour if DataLayout is blank).


The graph is displayed correctly if I use the XML report format (horizontal.xsl).


It seems from other posts to the board that the recommended technique is to generate the graph in LabView and insert it into the report as a bitmap - I can do this instead, but it would simplify my code if the automatic graph generation were available.

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Can you post the generated ATML 5 report which shows the problem along withe XML report which works?



Anand Jain

National Instruments

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As requested. 



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Thanks for uploading the sample reports. 


I am not abe to reproduce the issue and the graphs generated in both the attached reports are the same except that the width of the graphs being displayed are different as seen in the below images.


ATML 5.1 Report Graph

ATML 5.1 Graph.bmp


XML Report Graph

XML Graph.jpg



Srivinayaka Pandurangan

National Instruments

With Best Regards,
National Instruments
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Thanks for the information - the problem therefore must be on my system, if the XML files are correct.

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The difference might be the version of IE you are using. What version of IE is installed on your machine?



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I have IE8 (version 8.0.6001.18702, to be precise) installed on my machine.


It will not be possible (for corporate reasons) to upgrade it, in case that's the recommended solution.

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Accepted by topic author Tevildo

Hi Tevildo,


I tried opening the reports you had uploaded with IE 8 and I still see the same behavior as seen in the snapshots I uploaded previously.


From the reports you have uploaded, it appears that you are not using the default stylesheets shipped with TestStand but using customized stylesheets from the user folder. Can you please tell if you have made any changes to the stylesheets? If so, can you please tell what are the changes you made, so that we can determine if those changes are resulting in the difference you see with the graphs generated by the reports in your machine?

With Best Regards,
National Instruments
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The report displays correctly using the original TR5_Horizontal.xsl stylesheet.  The incorrect display occurs when I use the stylesheets from this thread (with no additional modifications).  I'll go back to using the original stylesheet and find an alternative display method for the text.


Thanks for your help.

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