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Using a DLL


Using a DLL

I used a DLL to get ScanWorks' API into TestStand. I put in the parameters for this one function and just want to know if this is the correct format as I have not used a DLL before.

The functions parameters are also attached below.


The issue I think I have is that when I try to input the incorrect String parameter of a hardware that is not available or listed like "UB-10", it does not output any error when it should. I am not sure if TestStand is suppose to send a error message or will it be in ScanWork's test results?

Can anyone guide me toward the correct solution or confirm I am on the right track?

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Re: Using a DLL


TestStand won't know that it's an incorrect reference. If the datatype matches what is expected, then that is all TS will know.


If the value of that does not match something inside the dll, then the dll itself needs to provide the error information.


Apart from that, you seem to be on the right track. I am surprised that the function doesn't return an error if it can't find the hardware, but as you've mentioned, that's something that ScanWorks should have sorted.



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