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TestStand Error when using Waveforms

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Attached is the error I get.  I'm also attaching a labview type def.  For some
reason, when I have an array of these clusters in a vi for a custom step type,
when I go to the module adapter and try to assign this array to a station
global I have, when I click on the default checkbox, it throws the error. 

What do you think?

Jamie Olive, Randall Consulting Services

 - Capture.JPG - Capture2.JPG - PT3838.ini - Get Measurements for -
ArrayControl.ctl - ChannelStatus.ctl

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Accepted by topic author JamieO

To help resolve this issue can you please answer the following questions

1. It looks like you are using LV 2011. Is that correct? 

2. Did you have other versions of LV installed on the machine? Did you recently uninstall or install any other version of LV?


Thank you 



Anand Jain

National Instruments


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Hi JamieO,


I've tried to replicate your steps on my computer and did not see any error. Here is what I did.


1. Place the .ctl file into an array in a blank LabVIEW VI.

2. Use the Connector Pane to specify the array as an input.

3. Add an Action step to a blank TestStand sequence file with the VI specified.

4. Create a new Station Global of type Array of Container.

5. Uncheck the Default box on the Module tab for the input parameter of the Action step.

6. Specify the Station Global as the input.


Please let me know if this step list is accurate for your situation. Also, please answer Anand's questions and let us know what version of TestStand you are using. Provide a .seq file that shows the behavior if possible.



Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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The first post is getting to the point of where this issue came from.  


Yes, I am using LV 2011 SP1 and yes, I had other versions prior to installing 2011, namely 2010 SP1. 


I had spoken to another AE and he mentioned a bug in 2011 where you need to repair in order to fix these -17802 errors.  Sure enough, I repaired the installation of LabVIEW through the Control Panel and the problems went away. 




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