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Shared variable in Teststand : error -17500

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I'm trying to deploy a shared library containing shared variables that I'm using inside step (VIs). But I've got error -17500 poping-up each time i try to deploy it (see pic attached).

It says that I need the "remote execution" module... why is that ?

I tried to allow all users access from Remote machines (as adviced in TS Reference Manual) but I've got error -17502 poping-up (see 2nd pic). Is there any reason for that ?


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This issue is now known by us on TestStand 4.2.1.


A workaround would be to bypass the TestStand step by :

- deploying the shared variables using a LabVIEW VI LabVIEW is installed on the computer

- building an application (installer with LabVIEW Run-Time, NI Variable Engine) for that purpose which will deploy the variables when launched if there is no LabVIEW software installed on the computer.


Best Regards,

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zyl7 -


You are likely receiving the first error (-17500) because your version of LabVIEW does not have the Remote Execution Support for TestStand feature installed. This is a feature of the LabVIEW installer that is not installed by default  (TestStand must be installed on the machine in order for the feature to install by default). Please see below for a screenshot that depicts this installer feature.




To install this feature for your current installation of LabVIEW, navigate to Control Panel»Add/Remove Programs (or Control Panel»Programs/Features on Windows 7/Vista), select to change the National Instruments Software item, then Modify the installation of your particular version of LabVIEW.


The Remote Execution options you modified in the Station Options dialog box, which led to the second error (-17502), are for executing TestStand sequences on a remote machine. They do not pertain to the first error you received (-17500). You should restore these options to their defaults as shown in the below screenshot.





Hope this helps.

Manooch H.
National Instruments
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Thank you Manooch,


But the problem i'm facing occurs when I deploy my software program on my customer's computer. So only when LV Runtime (and some aditional installers such as NI Variable Engine) is installed. On a computer where LV development env is installed, I'm not facing tis problem.


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zyl7 -


Are you including the TestStand Engine in your deployment? If not, you must do so in order to ensure that the deployment installer will include the LabVIEW Remote Execution Support. If you are already including the TestStand Engine in your deployment, please ensure that the LabVIEW Remote Execution Support feature is included in the TestStand Engine Options dialog as shown in the below screenshot.



Manooch H.
National Instruments
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