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SequenceFileTranslator -> picking a specific one programatically

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Hi y'all,


I have stumbled over the Sequence File Translator API in TestStand. Though it is not doumented too much, I think I can get the stuff to work using the examples and template.


My use case at the moment is being able to mass-convert a massive amount of proprietary XML files into seq files. Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the actual conversion, I want to make sure, the "infrastructure" structure works.

The idea is to prgramatically open all XML files one by one and using a custom SequenceTranslator DLL for conversion.


Using one of the examples that NI provides, I can open the according example file. 


What I haven't found out yet: how does the Engine determine, which translator to use? Does it try all registered translators until the first one returns CanTranslate = True?







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Yes, that is correct. The engine will try all installed translators in NI and User directories until the first one returns CanTranslate = True. 



Anand Jain


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Thanks for your anser and sorry to ask related/ further questions:


1.) which is the sequence, the callbacks are used in by SeqEdit?

"Debuggin" using the LabVIEW Example and Dialog Boxes, I see that 

  • GetTranslatorCount
  • GetExtension
  • GetDescription

are called on starting SeqEdit.


Placing a dialog box in TranslateToSequence causes TS to hang when starting an actual conversion

Dialog Boxes in GetFileVersion and GetFileFormatVersions never appear


2.) [Personal lack of proficiency creating DLLs from LabVIEW]


Referring to the XML Sample Project from the TestStand example: there must be some kind of translation from to the DLL Callback GetCalcCount

I suspected this to happen in the build spec, but couldn't find it.



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as for part two of my question:


typical case of wood and trees 



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For future reference:


setting up LabVIEW to debug a SequenceFileTranslator, refer to


Though the post is ~16 years old, it this still works as described here 😀



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