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Save the GOOP object reference for reuse in test sequence



I am using TestStand 2010 to execute LabView 8.6 VI's created by GOOP.


I am trying to figure out how to save the GOOP object out parameter from the GOOP VI's so that I only need to init the GOOP class once.


When I add a GOOP VI to a sequence the 'object in' and 'object out' parameter is grayed out.


The reason I would like to keep the GOOP reference is because I have instrument references stored in it, and instead of re-initialize the class every time it would be easier to pass the reference around.


Of course I could fetch the instrument references before closing the class and add support for initialize the class with existing intrument references instead, but first I want to be sure if there is a way to save the GOOP object reference.


Maybe I should mention that I think the GOOP object is a merely a cluster of data which has it's contents defined in a .lvclass file (but I'm out on thin ice on this topic, and it might be a little more complex then this).





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I dont bother returning the the reference back to TestStand but keep it in memory by use using a FVG. But if you want to return it you could try Flattened to String.

Ray Farmer
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What is a FVG




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Functional global variable

Rodéric L
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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OK, then it must be FGVSmiley Happy


Thank you.



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