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Loop a Test Sequence For Validation of the Test, not the part

I would like to run our main sequence continuously on a single part, in order to look for random errors/failures in the test sequence (or maybe the part too).


That is, I'd like to just have the entire sequence run through, produce a report, and then start again.  Obviously we would need to disable the SN and any other dialogs.


I considered creating a "Test loop the sequence" sequence, but wouldn't that only produce one report?

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in your report setting select this option:


then it will produce a report file for every iteration.





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Thanks Roman, but I think I wasn't clear.  I want to *test the test*, so I want to run the entire test !100X, and have it produce a report each time.


We have some instabilities, and we want to see how often they will occur.  I'd rather not have to sit there and enter the SN every 6 minutes, so I was hoping there was some way to loop the entire test process.

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TestStand and User Interfaces can be called from the command prompt and thus you could set up a "batch" script to call the sequence over and over again.


In your sequence add a PreUUT callback and bypass the prompt and also hardcode the UUT SerialNumber and PartNumber


Here's an example(this assumes that seqedit is on the path):

start /wait seqedit.exe /quit /runEntryPoint "Single Pass" "C:\pathtomysequence\mytest.seq" /outputToStdIO & call echo %^errorlevel%


/quit will close the Sequence Editor each time.  If you don't want that then use /useExisting

start /wait seqedit.exe /useExisting /runEntryPoint "Single Pass" "C:\pathtomysequence\mytest.seq" /outputToStdIO & call echo %^errorlevel%


"& call echo %^errorlevel%"  will echo the Test Status "Exit Code" result to the standard output and if useful you can redirect that to a log file.



Edited: added /wait argument forgot /runEntryPoint in second example

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Awesome, I will give that a shot!

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here i attached a client sequence that makes your Sequential model run UUT loop FileGlobals.NumRuns times without dialogs.

I hope this helps.



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Note: I updated my post above with some corrections, hope it helps

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