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Linking seq files to teststand

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I am attempting to rebuild a PC that had some corrupt files and had to

reload the Teststand base deployment software but now my Sequence files

need to be linked to teststand.


How do I link my sequence files to teststand so that when I click on the desktop icons

they get loaded into test stand like they used to do?



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Does this help:


There are some command line arguments as well.  I think it is ftype and assoc.  Read the help on those.

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Thanks but when I tried this, Teststand does not show up in the list.


I also tried to right click on one of the sequence files and set what opens is but

not sure what teststand file to select for this...


default choices.jpg

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Do you want it to open with the sequence editor or the user interface?  If you want the sequence editor then you use the <TestStand>\Bin\SeqEdit.exe

If you want the UI then you would need to go to <TestStand>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\LabVIEW\Source Code\TestExec.exe


Look at the pictures.


If  you don't have either at those places then you need to find which UI you are using and the location of TestExec.exe.

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it up by clicking on a desktop icon and having it open with the sequence editor but I only have

 the teststand base deployment on this system and when I set these files to the sequence editor,

they no longer not openwhen I click on the desktop icons

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Sorry some of my last post got truncated...


I am used to openning these Sequnece files up by clicking on a desktop icon and having it open in

the sequence editor where I can run these but I only have teststand base deployment on this system

and when I set these files to the sequence editor they no longer open when I click on the desktop icon.


I also tried setting these to teststand.exe but this does not launch the sequence file either...



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I set this to test stand.exe and when I click the wdesktop icon, it quickly opens the teststand window and closes it before

I can see what it is doing or if there is a message.


How do I fix this?







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sure if this has anyting to do with it but how can I remove the

TestStand 2014 SP1 Custom Sequence editor, Debug Deploymrent  environment,

and Development system from this PC?


it only give me the option to activate these and I wuld like to remove them



teststand licenses.jpg

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By default, sequence files are associated with a sequence editor launcher executable (not seqedit.exe) that handles opening files in an already opened instance of sequence editor if available.  this EXE is located here:


<National Instruments>\TestStand 2016\Bin\UseExistingSeqEdit.exe


Regarding the custom sequence editor and debug deployment environment, these are not seperate software but different license levels that are available.  The white square indicates that you do not have these active.  

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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Thank you.


Where do I find a sequence editor launcher executable so that I can restore this PC so that the teststand launches when

I click on my sequence file like it used to do before this PC got trashed?



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