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How to reorder parameters list



I created a new VI, then, I call this VI from TS.  I don't like the parameters order presented in the 'Step Setting'.  How can I modify this order?  Do I have to do it in LabView or in TestStand? 




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Hi, I think the order is dependent on the Labview front panel item order you wire up to the connector pane


Best Regards

Dave Smith 

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Dave is correct that the order in TestStand depends on the order in LabVIEW.  The picture posted below should hopefully give you an idea of the order that it puts them in.

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John B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi John and Dave,


Thanks for the answers.


Now, that the vi is written, it seems to connects its inputs and output in the order it had chosen by itself. I tried to reorder it by disconnecting all the terminals and redefine them.  No change....


How do you change the order in LabView?  (I realize it's a LabView question and not TS, but I prefer the answer to be posted here since it's related to TestStand as well)




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Hi Rafi,

it is correct to first disconnect the controls / indicators from the front panel symbol and then to reconnect them in the order you wish to have them.

Did you then save your VI and reload it in TestStand (maybe first "Unload all Modules" and then reload).

This is necessary because TestStand does not update a changed VI automatically - you have to do it manually or close your sequence file and reopen it.


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Hi Gedi,


Not sure what you mean by 'front panel symbol '.  Did you mean the connector on the top right corner of the front panel?  This is what | did....I cleaned it up, assign the connectors again...but got the same result. 


Is this the correct way to do it?

I so, then, I might have overwritten it by it possible?






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Correct, I meant the symbol of the VI on the top right corner of the front panel.


If these actions did not help, I honestly do not have any idea what else can be wrong...

Normally VIs show up in TestStand as you designed the VI symbol and connectors in LabVIEW, I never experienced anything else.


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Hello Rafi,


Selecting disconnect all terminals from the connector pane and reassigning them with the new order you desire is the first step, which as has been stated is completed in LabVIEW.  To see these changes in TestStand, click the Reload VI Prototype button on the Module tab for your step.  It has an image of two blue arrows forming something similar to a circle.  This should update the order of the parameter list.

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What if one of the VI inputs is a cluster? How does one order the items of the cluster in the TestStand parameter list?  For example, I might have a cluster input containing 5 strings - word1, word2, word3, word 4, and word 5.  When the VI is loaded in TestStand those words are listed in a random order.  I'd like to have them listed in sequential order so it's easy to assign the right values to the correct parameters.  Also, if I've made a bunch of steps and assigned constant values to the wrong parameters by mistake is there any way to easily correct that without manually changing it for each step?

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Nevermind, I figured out how to reorder them.  It's in the block diagram, have to right click on the cluster, then go to Advanced->customize.  Then right click on the cluster control and choose "reorder controls in cluster".  I think by swapping names and rewiring, I can fix the parameter assignment without doing it manually for each step.

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