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UUT serial number scanned at beginning of sequence, what variable / parameter is it stored?

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I've been seeing posts stating that this data gets stored in the "Runstate.Root.Locals.UUT.SerialNumber" parameter, but whenever I call this parameter in any expression I get the "Unknown variable or property name" error retruned back. 


Where is UUT serial number stored? I need to access that parameter as I need to write it into a text file for programming purposes later in the test sequence.




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You will see this variable only if your sequence is run with the TestUUTs Entrypoint Run any sequence using this entry point, have a breakpoint somewhere in your MainSequence and you should be able to find it on the Variables Pane
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Setting the breakpoint helped. I was calling it incorrectly and like you said, the actual variable doesn't appear unless during runtime. Thanks for pointing that out.

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