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How to interrupt current serial number execution and go for next serial number in parallel model

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Accepted by Ajay_MV

I'm attaching the sequence file and VI I used to create this:


 1 and 2 are the same thread/socket/execution.  You can see the display name is different because it has ran its course.  3,4,5 are part of the TestUUTs and main thread that is not spawning off sockets.  


This is a very crude thing I threw together quickly to demonstrate how many threads and executions were running.  And how to get them and call methods and properties on them.  Sequence Contexts only exist for a short period of time and may or may not make sense to look at.  From this you should be able to identify what your goal is.  If not, respond and we'll see if we can help.



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Thanks jigg,


That helped solve it. I improved it to terminate only the specified socket number of parallel execution (attached here for reference if anyone needs help in the future). 


I came across this thread and this knowledge base later with similar issues and solutions.

Ajay MV

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For anyone interested; you can pass the sequence context of the socket execution using "ThisContext" during the PreUUT callback.  Simply pass ThisContext to a VI or code module and using TestStand API you can operate against the sequenceContext.Execution object. Always check that sequenceContext is not null before accessing it each time.

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