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FTP transfer file

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to transfer a file with the overwrite option from my pc (windows) to a device (with linux OS) on another net. I have two ways but both of them don’t work and I don’t understand way. They are:


  1.  FTP file step: but each time the step gives an error on the local and/or remote paths;
  2. ExtraPutty custom steps: in this case the FTP loader write that everything is ok in the report but when I check the file no upload was done.

Notice that the putty Initialize Connection step works correctly. Moreover, everything is fine if I use a normal program for FTP transfer such as WinSCP which connects without problem and on the paths that I use.

I don’t know where the problem is, so have anyone ever used one of this two tools with success or have any advice on how I can reach my goal?


Last information: TestStand version 2020 (, ExtraPUTTY version 0.30 with putty 0.67.


Thank you for everything and have a nice evening!


Best Regards,


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