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Diffrent ATEasy vs TestStand


I need to chose between ATEasy to TestStand i want to know what the power to use in TestStand and what the diffrent between ATEeasy


Thank you

Ran s

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You are sort of comparing apples to oranges from what I know. ATEasy is a programming environment that looks similar to VB. It comes with a test executive. TestStand is a test executive that allows you to use steps that are written in a variety of different programming languages. What I would compare ATEeasy to is LabWindows/CVI and the old test executive that was written with that. TestStand was a great leap forward, imho.


Judging by the user forum, ATEeasy is not widely adopted. With TestStand, you have a large user community.


If you are already using an NI programming environment such as LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI, then the integration you get with TestStand is going to be far superior. If you don't have much experience with programming, then LabVIEW will probably allow to get up and running much faster. If you need to hire experienced programmers, you will certainly have better luck finding experienced LabVIEW/LabWindows/C++/VB people. Also NI offers training at many of their regional offices.


I'm obviously a big fan of TestStand. I've been using it since version 1.0 (1999)

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Looking at the website, it seems very similar to TestStand in that you can sequence a number of tests together, written from different languages.


How flexible its is compared to TestStand I have no idea and as Dennis mentions it doesn't seem to have a wide following.


If you are fimilarly with this product then try downloading the Evaluation Software for TestStand off the NI Website, its a full working version with time limitation, and do the comparsion your self. You probably find that you will beable to pull in your ATEasy code modules into TestStand.


Hope this helps



Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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