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Wrong vi version being used

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Friday I edited a VI by opening it from "My Computer" and made a mistake in the edit. This VI has a combo dropdown and I was editing the items in that combo box. The next time I edited the VI(today) I opened it from its lvlib file. Now when I run TestStand it finds the flawed version and uses it. I can find no other copies of the vi on the disk with a recent date. Where is TS finding this corrupt VI? Is the combo box stored separately from the VI?





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Disregard, problem found between my ears.


On the Edit Items tab, there are Items/Values pairs, or I thought they were paired. Turns out the items were loaded via a property node and when the load order was changed, the values stayed where they were. I initially thought the values were set in the combo box as they were there when the VI was opened for editing and TS had not been started.



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