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Database logging

Hello, I'm using teststand 4.0. My question is, how can I add my input data in the database. I have a User Interface that sends Input to an instrument and this will send this input to an instrument that is calibrated. Now I do have the data from high and low limits, I have the data that I read out of the calibrated instrument(this seems to be all standard in TS) logging in the database but I can't get it to also log the input data. I do need some instructions how to add additional data in to my database.


thanx, dennis

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Hello Dennis,


There are alot of different ways to add additional data to your database.

Below you can find several Tutorials/knowledge bases that will help you to do this:


These are also the documents I used when I started to work with TestStand.


Also this document might be handy if you want to completely start from scratch:


Kind Regards,
Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Staff R&D Engineer, RF Semiconductor Test - National Instruments
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