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Custom Step Type: Sequence Call

OK, I'm primarily a LabVIEW programmer, but in TestStand I understand how to:
* Create a Custom Step Type
* Link a LabVIEW Module for execution, post substep, edit substep, etc.
* Prevent the user from selecting a different module for an instance of my Custom Step Type.
All good stuff.
Now here's what I want to do: the exact same thing, except that I want the custom step to call a subsequence instead of a LabVIEW VI during execution. Yes, I want to use a LabVIEW VI for the edit substep (to set certain parameters for this instance of the subsequence call. Yes, I want to use a LabVIEW VI for the post substep.
Can this be done?
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Short answer, yes.

When you create your step type, for the Specify Module you would use a SequcenceCall Adapter instead of your labview adapter.

You would have to have your sequencefile with your sequences already created seperately and you would set the sequencefile not to use a process model in the sequencefile properties.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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Only problem is: I don't see any "Sequence Call Adapter". I am looking on the General tab of the Custom Step Type Properties, under "Designate an Adapter". Sequence Call is not an option. (I am using TS3.5)

When I select "None", which was my other guess, then the "Specify Module" button disappears.

How exactly do I set it up?


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10 Things,

The reason you do not see the sequence call adapter is because it is hidden by default.
Go to Configure->Adapters and uncheck the 'Hidden' check box for the sequence call adapter.


Antonio Lie

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Great, thanks. I'll try it out...
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The answer from Antonio Lie above should be marked as the answer/resolution to the question

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