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I'm researching a more novel way of approaching a problem with calling sequences.


Currently I have a file that is my Client File but mostly handles the Test System configuration. It then defines specific sequence names to call in a "DUT File Path", my true DUT test file. This is a pain for debugging to make sure the DUT File Path is correct before starting test. (UI populates this in run-time environment).  Also, each test system has a different client file because it has significantly different hardware. Thus, it's roughly 1 Process Model for 15 "Client" Test Systems for >100 DUT test files.


I would like to re-arrange to use the DUT test files as my Client File, and convert the Test System sequences to be Model Plugins. I'm comfortable with over 90% of the conversion. The one issue I have is defining when the Plugin is active or not. Since it can be one of many different Plugins, I was my client file to tell the process model which one to activate. At best I can read here: I can use "AddModelPluginToConfiguration" in the ModelOptions to add this before the ProcessModel initializes the plugins. I can also use "RemoveModelPluginFromConfiguration" when done. 


For the life of me, I can not figure out how this method would be called. There is no comments in the ResultProcessing.h or ResultProcessing.c files relating to them. Google can not find any example of the term except in TestStand help. And TestStand's help just says "as defined in .h"


Can anyone help with an example sequence use (with a blank PlugIn is fine)?







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